Common Rail Sinoptik ECU

The Sinoptik ECU system is the first in the world  universal free programmable ECU for diesel engines with common rail or unit injectors (pumpeduse) . This unique ECU system is specially designed for rebuilded engines which must  run after they are rebuilded to check if they are 100% OK. The big advantage of running an engine after rebuilding is that you can hear if there are any strange noises or leaking gaskets.
The Sinoptik system can not be used "on road" . The inlcuded laptop or PC is required to control the Sinoptik ECU and neccesary to make settings for rpm !
Also oil pressure, temperatures and exhaust gasses can be checked or even power can be tested on a dynamometer. Running in the engine on a dynamometer with a certain pattern is a big advantage.
The sytem consists of the following parts :
  • Laptop or notebook
  • Communication cable between ECU and laptop with CAN bus
  • Extension cable for communication between ECU and laptop with CAN bus
  • EPS 3000 power supply, 12 -24 volt for ECU
  • Extension cable for powersupply to ECU
  • Sinoptik software
Optional is a trolley to store all components.

For each new engine, which is not in our database, we can develop an adaptercable to connect to the engine. Please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more details. 

The Sinoptik Software 

The "State of the art" Sinoptik software is easy to use and gives the operator an overview of all parameters and actual values measured by the universal common rail ECU. For every engine, 4 to 8 cylinders, common rail or unit injector (pumpeduse), settings can be made such as minimum and maximum rpm, min and max fuel injection and timing. Also the sequence of injection can be set. Anything is possible to get the engine running like with the original ECU of the vehicle.

With the Sinoptik common rail ECU, we have only 1 main injection. On special request we can do more injections per cycle.

All below screen shots are in Italian language but the software is also available in English language. On request we can also deliver the software in you own language.