Power Test Europe installs a 1.000 HP (745 KW) engine dynamometer system at MB Services in Malta.


Tony Malia, CEO at MB Services : 

Our dynamometer systems ensure perfectly reliable electric motor / gasoline or diesel engine testing and certification using water brake
technology. Water flow is applied at the inlet proportionally to the desired load, thereby offering resistance to the motor or engine. A simple acceleration and deceleration cycle creates a controlled, accurate load and the heated water is then discharged. In case of minimal loads applied for high speed, low torque testing, the inlet control minimizes the consumption of water in comparison to other styles of dynamometer.

During operation, power ranges from 20 – 1000 HP and speeds reach up to 6000rpm. A special alloy construction reduces inertia.


The dynamometers are equipped with a universal cart that can hold up to 6000 lbs running weight and allows for a flexible, efficient method of mounting the engine in the proper position. After connection, jacket water temperatures can be kept by using the engine cooling column (on liquid-cooled engines). Thermostatic control protects effectively against overheating.

The system’s monitoring & control package is easily connected to any computer and produces results in readable file formats. Diagnostics, test results and standard engine tests are stored on hard disk and any previously run test can be loaded and re-run. Full automation of engine throttle and load control (via an electro pneumatic water valve) ensure repeat accuracy. Alternatively, manual entering of setpoints by the operator is possible.

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