Fuel Primimg Box




The Power Test Fuel Priming Box ensures that the fuel system is purged prior to engine start up. The Fuel Priming Box features a positive displacement pump for supplying fuel at flow rates up to 60 gph at pressures up to 40 psi. An adjustable pressure regulator is located within the cabinet to allow changing the system supply pressure to match engine requirements. While intended for priming purposes, this unit may also be used for dispensing fuel under pressure up to the limitation of the pump. 



The connections to and from the fuel priming box are clearly identified contains the supply and return fuel connections to the engine. and return to he fuel storage or fuel measurement system.




To operate the fuel priming box, make sure that the switch is turned to the “ON” position. It is not necessary to leave fuel priming box on when starting or running the engine. In typical operation, the engine will draw the fuel through the priming system bypass circuit. Flow rates of up to 300 gph may be accommodated.