Fuel Consumption System


The Fuel Measurement system is designed to monitor engine efficiency during a power run. This system works by initially measuring the total volume of fuel inside the storage tank prior to a test run. As a test run is performed, the system automatically calculates the amount of fuel being used and displays the monitored information on the PowerNet Commander screen. Additional data used to calculate engine efficiency is also displayed, such as: burn rate, fuel density, total volume of fuel used, and fuel API ratings.

System Requirements
The Fuel Measurement system features a jumper-selectable power supply, switchable to 120 or 240VAC. In addition to AC power, the system requires a filtered air supply, regulated to 45psi, and a fresh water supply, at temperature not to exceed 85° F.

The fuel cabinet contains three (3) fuel connections and two (2) water connections. The three fuel lines are labeled Tank, Supply, and Return. The bi-directional tank line is connected to the fuel storage Tank. The Supply line is the fuel supply to the engine. The Return line is the fuel return from the engine.

The water connections are clearly labled IN and OUT. The water must be cooler than the required fuel temperature (typically 85° F).

Additionally, a filtered air supply regulated to 45psi is connected inside of the cabinet as shown at right.


Fuel pressure sensor