Failure Simulation Box, Model FSB155M


The FSB155M is a 155-channel failure simulation box.Failure Simulation Box, FSB155M

The FSB 155M is even more universal then the smaller model, the FSB76M. This box has been designed in order to be able to simulate faults in automotive electronic motor management systems for petrol or diesel engines. With this system, signals of a running engine can be measured or disconnected from the engine computer. Each channel is modified with an integrated fuse for safety. The box is placed in serial connection with the system, so each signal must pass through the Failure Simulation Box. Two integrated red LED’S can be connected to all signals like fuel injectors, relays, ignition etc.
10 turn potentiometers of 10K, 50K and 100KOhm have been integrated to simulate: the resistance and the bad connection of wires or terminals of engine electronics. An adapter cable is needed to connect box to engine. The FSB155M has 155 channels. The big advantage of this tool is that you can now use one adaptercable for every vehicle that uses the same type or layout of connector!   



    • -        This training model complies with the European safety standard CE. 
    • Specifications:
    • -        Each channel (155) is fitted with a 5 Amp fuse
    • -        Each channel has a switch to simulate faults or to disconnect the engine ECU pins
    • -        Signals can be measured from the engine ECU or the wiring harness of the system
    • -        3 x 10 turn potentiometers are included with 10K-50K-100Kohm for simulating the resistance
    • -     2 red LED’s are included
    • -        No power supply from outside is necessary
    • -        An English manual is included
  • -        Dimension are 53x42x16 cm
  • -        Weight 10 kg    

  • -       
    FSB155M is integrated in a black portable case
  • -        Anodized front plate for electric isolation  

Optional equipment:

  • -        Multi meter Fluke
  • -        Banana plug wires
  • -        Jumper connector 

Your advantages:

  • -        Motor management system can be “entered” without damaging ECU connector or wires
  • -        Universal system: applicable on all cars of any make and on any motor management system 
  • -        Possibility to simulate failures for e.g. training purposes without damaging systems
  •           Also applicable on cars












New cover for FSB155M to cover switches.