Pommee Machines & Equipment B.V.

 Pommée Machines & Equipment B.V. is the most complete dealer for machines and equipment for metal industry and engine- and brake rebuilding work shops in the Benelux since 1984.

Pommée takes pride of a high quality range of products – a complete assortment for the engine and brake rebuilding workshop. Supplier of grinding, honing and (ultrasonic) cleaning machines for industrial purposes in the metal industry. Take a look at the webshop to see what Pommée can offer to you. Use this link  or  http://www.pommee.nl/webshop/index.html

Second hand / used machinery:   http://www.pommee.nl/webshop/contents/en-uk/d377.html

Maktest diesel equipment  : http://www.pommee.nl/webshop/contents/en-uk/d135.html

Tierratech ultrasoon cleaners: http://www.pommee.nl/webshop/contents/en-uk/d339.html

Rottler machinery centers: http://www.pommee.nl/view.asp?page=automotive&;item=F7A&expand=Motorblokrevisie








Pommée Machines & Equipment

Canadaweg 5

4661 PZ Halsteren

The Netherlands

Phone: +31 164 682 754

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