Engine dynamometer upgrade kit

PowerPro data acquisition and software system.

 Overview of all parts for the upgrade kit


Power Pro Sensor Interface Device (SID) designed for rack mounting. Collects dynamometer and engine data and transmits it to the PowerPro Commander software. Allows up to 12 high temperature sensors, 5 low temperature sensors, 4 pressures, a series of fuel measurements, 3 configurable analog auxiliary inputs, engine torque and engine RPM inputs to be collected and transmitted to the PowerPro Commander computer system. Rack mounting hardware included.

PowerPro Commander computer system. A standard Desktop PC operating in Windows. Includes 17” LCD monitor, keyboard, mouse, and surge protector.  Computer has present day technology with minimum Pentium 4 processor and Windows XP operating system.

PowerPro Commander data acquisition software. Windows based software, which displays dynamometer and engine data on an easy-to-read and customizable visual computer screen dashboard. Data is automatically collected for post test review. Allows high and low alarm limits to be entered into the system to make it obvious when an input is out of normal range. Sweep test information can be automatically recorded between a starting RPM and an ending RPM. PowerPro monitors the acceleration rate of the dynamometer and corrects the data based upon the rate of change from one reading to the next. Standardized results assure back-to-back repeatability.

Color Printer with printer cable.

Sensors included: 8 BX style cable, exposed tip, high temperature sensors with compression fittings (4’length), 3 low temperature sensors with compression fittings (6’ length), 2 pressure sensors (2’ length wires with 8’ length capillary tubes), 1 fuel flow sensor (10’ length), 1 strain gage load cell for torque (8’ length), 1 magnetic speed sensor assembly (9’ length).

All wires, cables and free software upgrades for a year.


For all brochures, click here. This is the European website for Stuska dynamometers. 

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