Charged Air Cooler


The charge air cooler is designed to replicate an air-to-air
after-cooling system found on some turbocharged engines.
The unit controls the temperature of the water within the unit,
not the temperature of the air itself. As the temperature of
the exhaust air rises, the temperature of the water increases.
Cool water is then introduced into the system. The charged
air passes through the unit, and is cooled before returning to
the engine.

Charge air is cooled as it flows through the unit. Cool water
is introduced into the system as the temperature of the water

within the Charge Air Cooler rises. The Charge Air Cooler
is designed to replicate the cooling effect in an in-frame
application. As the heat load increases, the temperature of the
return air may increase.

Set the desired cooling temperature by rotating the setpoint dial. The temperature of the water within
the unit is controlled by an electro-mechanical valve. The position of this valve is displayed in a bar
graph below the setpoint dial.

The pump is controlled by an on/off switch located on the right side of the cover. Power is indicated by
a red light. The pump is used to circulate the water inside of the unit, and is only required during testing.
At all other times, the unit should be on, and the pump off.

The temperature display indicates the current temperature of the water in the cooler. To view the
setpoint temperature, press the blue button below the display.